The World Revision Limit

A .Hack-Themed Role-Play
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PostSubject: Creation   Thu Dec 13, 2007 6:06 am

Welcome to The World Revision Limit, an RP based on the popular anime, manga, and game series, .Hack//.

The story of The World Revision Limit, or R:L for short, is set in the year 2019, non-canon to the actual //Roots and http://G.U. series. After years of investigation of the close encounter of the Third Network Crisis, CC Corp reattempted to create a more stable game by rewriting the entire game.

Angering many players at another reset, many left at first, until CC Corp had finished and released The World Revision Limit. The new system brought back many players slowly, and more new players swarmed in quickly. As it grew more popular, it eventually passed the record 20 million sell by an inch, reaching 22 million sales and players.

This is The World R:L, this is where you make your own name in "The World", and leave Real Life.
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